Stephanie Sherman (McMinnville, OR)

Stephanie Sherman (McMinnville, OR)

I've been making candles, as gifts for friends and family, for over 20 years now. I finally mustered up the courage to start my own candle business in May of 2019. 

I've been working hard on creating unique pillar candles that are scented with essential oils. I really had no idea how challenging this would be, until I started adding crystals to them. When the candle flame reaches down to burning behind the crystal, it excentuates the crystal's beauty with illumination! 

I hand pour each candle in an angled method, embed crystals within in the different colored layers to create an original abstract multi-colored wax work of art. This method is more time consuming but patience, love and devotion to originality is the key qualities to the beauty of my candle art. 

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