Phil Sargent (Canby, OR)


Phil Sargent (Canby, OR)
I have not always painted. As a child and young man I sketched a little, then dabbled with watercolors and oil. I was never classically trained but had a little natural talent and family members who encouraged me. But life gets busy and my interest in art steadily dwindled. The last painting I remember doing was a seascape in the late 70's. I didn't pick up a brush again for 30+ years. In 2007 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. A year of surgeries, colostomy bags and chemotherapy was to follow. As my body was racked by this illness and my energy sapped, I laid down my golf clubs and picked up a paintbrush. I began painting the things that I loved for the people I loved. Woods and waterfalls for my wife, daisies for my daughter, and picturesque golf holes for golfing buddies. Beyond and through the chemo ... the art was my therapy. It was God's faithfulness, once again, to give me just what I needed when I needed it most. Currently I am cancer free! I am golfing again and I continue to paint. When I’m not painting pictures for others that are beautiful to them, I paint what feels beautiful to me. Oregon has many spectacular views, such as Mt. Hood, the Santiam Pass, the Metolius river, colorful vineyards and all the gorgeous coastal views. Color, color, and more color!! Click here to choose Giclee (prints on canvas) options,h_400,c_fill/3l01sm2t75sv9f6sl5v4.jpg