Katherine (Ren) Sauceda (San Francisco, CA)


Katherine (Ren) Sauceda (San Francisco, CA)
Katherine “Ren” Sauceda is a Artist and a Computer Systems Engineer. Her artistic work has been described as “visionary”, “shamanic”, and “alchemical”. Ren works with many materials -- her primary mediums being acrylic paint, copper/crystal sculpture, and digital photography. Ren’s work is marked by expression of fantastical inner imagery sourced from her dreams and meditative visions as seen in her two-dimensional art and sculptural pieces. Her photographic practice gravitates towards highlighting aspects of everyday life that otherwise go unnoticed, and a desire to show the extraordinary in the ordinary. Ms. Sauceda began making art as a child, as many do, and continues to develop her creative process to balance her passion for science and engineering. She studied biology and physics as an undergraduate, then after becoming a seasoned computer systems professional she earned an M.S. in Management from Notre Dame de Namur. To ground her unique artistic practice in academic discipline, Ms. Sauceda pursued Dream and Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University, where she earned an M.A. in Transformative Art.