Kate Nilan (Portland, OR)


Kate Nilan (Portland, OR)
Kate Nilan (Hardin) is a contemporary watercolor artist who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her paintings are generally realistic and capture moments which inspire her—art performances, farmers markets, and scenes that sparkle with life. She grew up in Baker City and first studied art in high school. She earned a Bachelors of Science at Western Washington University in Chemistry and Biology and has worked for Providence, OHSU, and Intel. Now retired, she likes to watercolor, garden, read and travel. As a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, her work has been displayed at many conventions and exhibits throughout the state. Recently she was a member of the Beaverton Arts Commission which strives to promote art in the community. The artist likes bold colors and realism and her paintings tell a story of a moment she captures in day to day life. I like the simple act of painting and am not overly concerned about the final outcome. It is amazing to create and witness art works that touch people. My goal is to have people enjoy my paintings.