Grayson Thor (Salem, OR)

Grayson Thor (Salem, OR)

Grayson is a 15 year old artist from Oregon.  He is the oldest of 3 and he lives with his siblings and his mom in Salem OR.

His tools are just his finger and his cell phone.  Gray started as a Dr Who fan which helped him find his interest in digital art and comic book writing.  He has been practicing his art since he was 11. He is a collector of rocks, crystals and ravens and creates alters to help him center.

His first piece at MECA, Agnus, was designed as a character for a comic book Series - Hell's Domain and will be featured in the episode "Wake up".  The raven is a talisman and sends messages to other people 

We are excited to have him at MECA and watch his talent progress. 


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