Gary Dahrens (Lafayette, OR)

Married 48 years, father of 3, and grandfather of 7, I was fortunate enough to have been born in Oregon's wonderland.  Wood has always been a big part of my life.  My Dad started out logging and later worked for the U.S. Forest Services. We had a home shop and as children were encouraged to make things.  Mom was still doing water colors at age 93.  I have been a finish carpenter for most of my life and love working with wood.

My first exposure to wood turning was at a craft fair.  I was impressed with being able to start and finish a piece while it was still on the lathe.   Once I started turning wood I was "Hooked". A part of turnig I did not expect was the discovery of such beauty in what was a gnarly old chunk of wood.

I don't feel like I "create".  I think that's God's job. Mine is to expose His beautiful work in an artist way.  I am passionate about turning and my only regret is not having started earlier.

I am looking forward to working with hollow forms, piercing, burning and adding carving and color to my work.  I hope you will enjoy the adventure with me.

Gary Dahrens

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