Barrie Dempsey (McMinnville, OR)


Barrie Dempsey (McMinnville, OR)
Barrie Dempsey was born in New Jersey and is one of four brothers. His mother was a nurse with a creative flair and did most of the raising of his brothers due to his father being ill. He graduated from School Of Visual Arts in New York City, with a BA in Fine Art. Some of his influences are Degas, Hopper and Rubens to name a few. Barrie moved out west to pursue another passion, music. He weaved his love of art and music into his life throughout the years. Barrie lived in Springfield OR and taught art at the Emerald Art Center. He loves the light after an Oregon rain. Eventually, he settled in McMinnville, OR with his wife Shannon. He currently plays music in the area and draws on a regular basis.,h_400,c_fill/n9q5pm3uj8uj37lbtvyd.jpg