Adam Rupniewski (Yamhill, OR)


Adam Rupniewski (Yamhill, OR)
I was born in Poland in August of 1958. I lived in a communist reality until 1984. My family was involved in conspiracy work against the Soviet regime as far back as I can remember. In 1984, I emigrated with my own family – my then wife and a baby son after martial law in Poland (December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983) expired. Over time I lived in several Western European countries and I came to Oregon in 1986 sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church in Portland and introduced to American life by the Robertson Family. I finished my BA and MFA at Portland State University in 1998. I have taught basic design and art appreciation both at Portland State and at Clatsop Community College. I now live in Yamhill County. Art Statement I use installations to express something totally nonverbal and undescriptive. These rely on minimalism, utilizing black light paired with rough and industrial soundscapes, to produce an experience within an ambient space. I also work with a variety of more traditional techniques and my recent cycle of oil pastels and mixed media “Physiology of Dreams” is on view in my studio. Physiology of Dreams This work emerges from and is inspired by two unusual dreams periods that I experienced. It explores this subtle, fine line between the waking and dreaming worlds, a state where reality is unclear and the witness is undefined as a personal “I”. One period was while living secluded high in the Massif Central mountains of Ardeche, France and second when I went to a weeklong film festival of the great Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky's movies. In each period for a few days nearly every morning I was balancing on that border between the dreaming and waking states, I would see different combinations of paintings and often some reminiscence from Tarkovsky’s movies in combination with some art work, including Rembrandt’s paintings...his self-portraits. And entire compositions poured from this state... abstract, yet with tangible imagery flickering in them. The images that you want to keep, a taste of something that you still remember some logic of your dream...but even this is evaporating. In this dreamy space...I am that space and for a moment this is its expression. It comes as it will... it moves around...I see a glimpse and it is something, but could as well be something else. No definition, no grasping – let it be. I am walking on that borderline between what's real and unreal, on that thin line. There is nothing more to it; even that line is a dream.,h_400,c_fill/snsugovhvbrqbgdrim6f.jpg